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It is required to obtain a signed Liability Waiver for service, which we will collect onsite.



Once you get over to our BOOKING page you will see a few ways you can book.

1. Group Booking - (this will be for more than one person getting service, you can have a MAX of 10 people).


2. Decide During Appointment - (this option is if you or your group is undecided and would like to show up to  appointment and finalize decision, you can have a MAX of 5 people).


3. Other - (This is for any resizes or possible repairs needed)

4. Anklet - (Single Appointment only 1 person MAX)

5. Bracelet - (Single Appointment only 1 person MAX)

6. Necklace - (Single Appointment only 1 person MAX)



We will do service for Minors, but a Parent or Guardian will need to be present. Other option is a waiver must be requested and completed by Parent or Guardian if Minor is coming to appointment alone. Please call (979)721.3502 to request child waiver form if Parent will not be onsite. 

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