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It is required to obtain a signed Liability Waiver for service, which we will collect onsite.



Once you get over to our BOOKING page you will see a few ways you can book.

1.  Anklet - (Single Appointment only 1 person MAX)

2. Ear Piercing - (Single Appointment only. Each person wanting service will need to book separately. Please contact us first for child piercings)

3. Bracelet - (Single Appointment only 1 person MAX)

4. Necklace - (Single Appointment only 1 person MAX)

5. Decide During Appointment - (this option is if you or your group is undecided and would like to show up to  appointment and finalize decision, you can have a MAX of 5 people).

6. Group Booking - (this will be for more than one person getting service, you can have a MAX of 10 people).

7. Kids 12 and Under (Permanent Jewelry Only. Note: youngest age we will serve is 5 yr old)


8. Resize - (This is for any resizes of any permanent jewelry)

9. Repair - (This is for any repair of any permanent jewelry.)

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